Ultherapy: It’s All The Rage, But How Much Does It Cost?

Ultherapy Maryland

Ulthearpy Cost

As the only FDA-approved non-surgical lifting procedure, Ultherapy is growing ever popular among Marylanders who wish to counteract the effects of gravity, but who don’t have the time or the desire to undergo traditional cosmetic surgery. Your best girlfriend has raved about it, and so have your coworker, and your neighbor, and your mom, too — so much so that you’re considering contacting Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center for your own Ultherapy consultation.


But first:

Learn about what to expect when you come to Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center for Ultherapy.


You’re looking for a little more information about Ultherapy cost.


How much does Ultherapy cost?


The short answer is, “That depends on the client.”


The long answer is, “That depends on the client.”


No two Ultherapy procedures are the same. Each Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center client is unique, and at your consultation, a cosmetic dermatologist will discuss with you the specific needs of your case, and will recommend a customized treatment plan to achieve optimal results.


That said, the following Ultherapy pricing details can be used as a general guideline when considering if the cosmetic dermatology procedure is right for you.

  • Full Face (with submental): $3,450
  • Lower Face (cheeks with submental): $3,100
  • Full Neck (to the collar bone): $2,600
  • Lower Face with Full Neck (to the collar bone): $3,600
  • Full Face and Full Neck (to the collar bone): $4,600
  • Upper Face (brows, lower eyes, and crows feet): $1,600
  • Brows: $1,100
  • Perioral: $1,100
  • Perioral added to other sites: an additional $750
  • Decolletage only: $1,600
  • Adding Decolletage to any other sites an additional $1,000
  • Adding Lower Portion of Neck to any site an additional $1,000*Pricing as of October 2018. Please call for current pricing. 

It bears repeating: No two Ultherapy procedures are the same.

With each patient-tailored treatment plan comes a similarly tailored fee structure. For example, someone with a heavy jowl will require more time and consumable costs, and therefore higher costs, while the alternative is also true: A patient who needs only minor lifting will necessitate less time and consumable costs.

If you think Ultherapy is right for you, contact Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center for a consultation, as well as a detailed treatment and pricing plan today.

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