Skincare Products

Medical Grade Skincare Products Outperform Over the Counter Brands for Optimal Skin Health & Appearance

NinkaSkinCeuticalsWe offer a few of the most advanced clinical skin care product lines available exclusively in medical practices including SkinCeuticals, SkinBetter Science and Elta MD. Listed below, is more information on each line.


SkinCeuticals advanced skincare line is backed by scientific research and proven effective. Because SkinCeuticals is medical grade, the line is exclusively sold in cosmetic and dermatology practices. Our licensed aestheticians and dermatology team will create a customized SkinCeuticals skin care regimen based on your unique skin type, tone, and texture to help improve your skin conditions from the inside out - resulting in clear, healthy, radiant skin! SkinCeuticals line of products prevent, protect and correct your skin concerns.


Ultimate protection from environmental skin damage. 

Even the best broad-spectrum sunscreen can only block up to 55% of the damaging free radicals generated by UV exposure, but SkinCeuticals antioxidants are specially designed and clinically proven to provide the most advanced protection from environmental aging. When used together, SkinCeuticals antioxidants and sunscreens provide ultimate protection by preventing the visible signs of photoaging and promoting optimal skin health.


Effective protection against photoaging skin. 

The SkinCeuticals line of sunscreens provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Formulated with Z-COTE® transparent zinc oxide, skin is protected from the entire spectrum of damaging UV rays, not just sunburn. Unlike the pasty, white zinc oxide sunscreens of the past, SkinCeuticals sunscreens are formulated with cosmetically elegant textures.


Targeted treatments for specific skin concerns. 

SkinCeuticals corrective products combine reparative, lightening, and exfoliating ingredients to help rehabilitate the skin, restoring a healthier and more youthful appearance. Our active ingredients and advanced technologies correct fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, and more.


SkinBetter Science

Reflect the Beauty of Science

Reinventing the clinical skincare experience. Dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, fragrance-free, dye-free and cruelty-free products. 

The skinbetter science team of aesthetic experts developed the Restylane family of cosmetic fillers and the wrinkle reducer Dysport, so they have a deep understanding of skin aging and what it takes to help defy the effects of time. A comprehensive approach to age management requires more than aesthetic procedures, it also demands a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and effective skincare. 

The convergence of science, beauty and affordable luxury.

Cutting-edge science is the principal driving force behind each unique formulation by skinbetter science. Visible results are delivered through products that according to users, exceed expectations. The formulas not only deliver measurable benefits but also treat you to a sumptuous and pampering sensorial experience. The science inside each bottle is developed with a single goal: to deliver radiant, youthful skin that reflects the beauty of science.

Rejuvenate, transform and protect.

The skinbetter science collection is made up of products designed to deliver measurable and trusted results through their rejuvenate, transform and protect categories of products. Talk to our aestheticians or dermatology team about the skinbetter science product regimen that is right for you.

Rejuvenate for Smoothing

Intensive treatment of lines using Hyaluronic acid topical line filler. The patented, state-of-the-art IntelFuse technology drives high molecular weight injectable-grade hyaluronic acid faster and deeper to revolumize the appearance of skin. Four additional types of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights bind water to the surface of the skin to plump the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Expression lines immediately appear smoother with a blend of two neuro-calming peptides. A collagen nourishing blend of an amino acid building block, messenger pepties and vitamin C renew the feel of skin firmness. Used twice daily as the first step of the skincare regimen, this targeted formula helps reduce the look of deep wrinkles and expression lines with regular use.

Transform for Lifting

InvisiLift 3-Minute Mask 

The mask will lift, firm and smooth the skin with just one application. The appearance of pore size will reduce. The algae extract helps to tighten the feel of skin. The patented InvisiLift technology leaves the skin looking more even and illuminated. 

InvisiLift Finishing Cream

This luxe finishing cream imparts silkiness and luminosity amplifying the results of the 3-minute mask. A lavish blend of moisturizers deeply nourish and pamper your skin. A collagen nourishing blend of peptides helps refresh and energize the skin, while marine extracts of kelp, algae and plankton help tighten the skin. Vitamins C & E provide free radical protection. 

Protect With Antioxidants

Alto Defense Face Serum

Neutralizing the visible effects of aging, one free radical at a time. The Alto Defense Serum is a breakthrough antioxidant that achieves 360-degree skin support against environmental stressors in all compartments of the skin, all in a proprietary and uniquely elegant formulation. You will experience a revitalized complexion and improvement in fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 4 weeks use. The Alto Defense serum was designed to achieve the broadest range of antioxidant protection from oxidative stress, as a result of environmental pollution and UVA/UVB/IR radiation. The product features WEL by skinbetter science, a proprietary technology, deploying a combination of 19 powerful antioxidant ingredients designed to work together to provide a new level of comprehensive and dynamic defense against free radicals. 




Sun care and skin care for every season

Sun Care: Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection 

EltaMD sunscreens help prevent sunburn and decrease the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun when used with other sun protection measures. EltaMD sunscreens are formulated with transparent zinc oxide and are noncomedogenic, sensitivity-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free. All EltaMD sunscreens are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as effective broad-spectrum sunscreens.