Cosmopolitan Interviews Dr. Eric Finzi About Botox on the Down Low

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Cosmopolitan Magazine April 2015Is Everyone Secretly Getting Botox?

In this story by Nicole Cantanese for Cosmopolitan magazine, Dr. Eric Finzi is interviewed about his theory for why a lot of women who claim they are just taking good care of their skin are doing more, like Botox Cosmetic, on the down low.

Some Botox-ers fear what the procedure portrays to others. "People want to present themselves as naturally beautiful and that they're the real thing — it's more attractive to others," says Eric Finzi, M.D., Ph.D., author of The Face of Emotion: How Botox Affects Moods and Relationships.

Admitting to Botox suggests "that they are not beautiful solely from their genes and good health, and that's where the taboo is," he says. A part of me felt that by being so focused on a few lines, I seemed superficial and vain. Plus, sometimes it's not just about convincing others. By obscuring my lines, deep down, I've been able to convince myself that the hands of time aren't ticking (a comforting thought) because, well, my skin bears no sign of it.

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