Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center Now Offering PRO-NOX for Patient Comfort

Patients often worry that cosmetic treatments will be painful, and in fact, some non-invasive treatments are uncomfortable. Some people forgo treatment altogether to avoid the chance of discomfort. Our goal is to make our patients as comfortable and care free as possible during treatments. This is why our dermatology team have decided to offer PRO-NOX for our patient’s ultimate comfort. This system allows you, the patient, to self-regulate and relieve anxiety and pain immediately, increasing comfort during cosmetic procedures such as Ultherapy skin tightening, fractional skin resurfacing treatment and small liposuction and fat transfer cases.

What is PRO-NOX?

PRO-NOX is a gas system that delivers a combination of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide to the patient. The patient self regulates the gas intake by inhaling from a disposable mouthpiece attached to a tube, relieving their anxiety and discomfort within seconds.

What sets PRO-NOX apart, is the fact that it is a patient-controlled inhaled analgesia. This portable system provides relief in seconds, alleviating fears and making it possible for more people to seek the cosmetic treatments they desire. It also allows the physician to get the optimal results because they don’t have to stop the procedure due to a patient’s discomfort.

PRO-NOX is safe both for adults and children. In fact, this system is routinely used to calm and alleviate pain for pregnant women during labor. Unlike oral medications often used to alleviate pain, there is no groggy or hung-over feeling associated with the PRO-NOX 50/50 gas delivery system.

Within 10 minutes following a procedure, patients return to feeling normal and can drive themselves home after treatment. Now, no one has to know!

Benefits of PRO-NOX 50% Nitrous Oxide and 50% Oxygen Analgesia

  • Proven effective and safe—used globally for decades.
  • Patient administered on demand—empowering you to respond to pain and anxiety when you need it.
  • Quick onset—takes effect in seconds for immediate relief.
  • Short duration of effect—clears from body within minutes.
  • Speeds recovery allowing you to drive to and from the procedure.
  • Improves patient and physician satisfaction scores.

The PRO-NOX System is Now Available in Our Chevy Chase Office

Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center is pleased to offer PRO-NOX for our patients. We believe this system will help increase patient comfort and safety, and get the optimal cosmetic results they are seeking.

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If you’ve been considering cosmetic treatments but have been nervous about the possibility of pain and anxiety, we encourage you to contact us for a complimentary consultation. Our board-certified dermatologists and physicians are well prepared to help you determine the best treatment for your needs. We will explain each procedure and the use of PRO-NOX system to alleviate any concerns prior to treatment.

Our office specializes in minimally invasive non-surgical cosmetic treatments and general dermatology. We are conveniently located in the DC metropolitan area in Chevy Chase and Greenbelt, Maryland. Our experienced team strives to ensure our patients feel safe, comfortable, and fully satisfied with the results of their treatments.

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