Ronald A. Katz, MD – Curriculum Vitae

Education and Medical Training

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, B.S., 1960-1964
University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, M.D., 1965-1969
Inducted in Rush Medical Club 1968 (scholarship and service society)
Elected to Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society 1968
Presentation of award winning paper to Alpha Omega Alpha annual research seminar
1968 on research done at Rocky Mountain Lab in summer of 1967 under UHPHS grant
Summers of 1965 and 1966 spent in lab of Dr. John Sever at the National Institutes
of Health working in the development of a Rubella vaccine under USPHS grant


Straight Pediatrics, Program Director Dr. Donald Delaney
Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC 1969-1970


Dermatology, Program Director Dr. Aaron Lerner
Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut 1972-1975
Chief Resident in Dermatology 1974-1975
Instructor in Dermatology, Yale University School of Medicine, 1974-1975

Military Service

USPHS, General Medical Officer, Old Marine Hospital clinic, Chicago, Illinois 1970-1972

Private Practice

Limited to medical adult and pediatric disease (non cosmetic)
Solo practitioner, 6201 Greenbelt Road, College Park, Maryland 20740 1975-2011
Group practice, 7701 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt, Maryland 20770
20 hours per week, 2011-current

Current Professional Societies

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society
Prince George’s County Medical Society

Maryland State Medical Society
American Academy of Dermatology
Atlantic Dermatological Society
Washington DC Dermatological Society
President, 1990-1991

Teaching Appointments

Instructor in Dermatology
Yale University School of Medicine, 1974-1975

Vice Chairman, Department of Dermatology
Washington Hospital Center, 1975-1989
Senior Attending until 2010

Consultant, Dermatology Branch
National Institutes of Health, 1977-1989

Children’s National Medical Center Dermatology Clinic, 1975-2010

Clinical Assistant Professor to Clinical Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics
George Washington University School of Medicine, 1975-2010

Licensure and Certification

American Board of Dermatology, December 1976
State of Maryland, Physician and Surgeon (expires 9/20/2014)

Committee Service

Peer Review committee
Prince George’s county Medical society, 1987-1990
Peer Review committee
Healthplus HMO, 1984-1989, 1992-1995
Medical board
Washington Hospital Center, 1984-1989


Cited in the most recent editions as well as multiple past editions over 20 years
and all peer selected:
Who’s Who in America
Who’s Who in the World
Best doctors in America
Washingtonian “Top Doctors”
Washington Checkbook Outstanding Physician Specialists


Silver Spring Camera Club, Photographer of the Year, 1992-1993
Photograph published in Bethesda Magazine, 2005

Averaged about 1000 miles per year for over 30 years
Completed 6 marathons from 2000-2004
Completed over 100 10K and 10 mile races over 30 years

Book Collecting
First Editions, special interest in modern American Fiction


Founding volunteer United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 1993-1995

Greater DC Cares
Soup Kitchen worker, Adams Morgan area of Washington, D.C., 1990’s


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