Spring is the Time for Liposuction in Bethesda

Liposuction in Bethesda Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center

Sure, it’s still winter, but soon it will be spring.

And you know what they say about spring:

There’s no better time for liposuction in Bethesda than the springtime.

Get a head start on the season. Spruce up your wardrobe. Clean up your diet (As hard as it will be, toss those Girl Scout cookies. Toss them). Make the decision to put yourself first this year — with a call to Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center, you can schedule a consultation for your liposuction treatment this spring.


Shed those winter pounds.

All winter long you’ve been cooped up inside the house; it’s not as easy to get to the gym, and a little easier than normal to indulge. You’ve done your best to watch your weight and exercise, but getting rid of that unsightly fat just isn’t as easy as it used to be, especially when the mercury in the thermometer barely registers.

Ugh, and then out comes the spring clothing. Lighter fashions are so much more your style, but it’s just not anywhere near as forgiving as your favorite winter clothes. Because liposuction allows you to target areas that you find unattractive by gently and permanently removing excess fat, you’ll feel more confident when you step out in a flirty dress or your new shorts.

Become a new you, just in time for summer vacation.

Liposuction in Bethesda at Chevy Chase Cosmetic CenterIt takes the average cosmetic dermatology patient an average of six weeks to fully recover from the procedure, and what better time to cover up those bandages than when you can still wear sweaters instead of sundresses and bathing suits? By planning and undergoing liposuction now, you can feel confident knowing that you will have completely healed, and will be looking your best when it’s time to hit the beach this Memorial Day!

Feel better about yourself; improve your life.


In fact, studies have showing that as many as 80 percent of people who undergo liposuction are happier and more confident — which then only resonates into, and improves their personal and professional lives, too; just as many would recommend the procedure to their family and friends.

Interested in learning if you’re a good candidate for liposuction?

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