February Savings – Up to $250 Off Allergan Rebate, Free Xeomin with Ultherapy & $50 off IPL

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Thanks to advancements in anti-aging aesthetics, it's easier than ever to have healthy, radiant, more youthful looking skin with the non-invasive procedures we offer including Ultherapy skin tightening with Ultrasound technology, Intense Pulsed Light IPL to target age spots and broken capillariesFractional Skin Resurfacing laser for skin tone and texture improvement, and liquid facelifts using cosmetic dermal fillers and Botox Cosmetic to soften and fill in lines and wrinkles. Come in for a complimentary consultation with our experienced board-certified dermatologists who will help you on your path to younger looking, healthy, more vibrant skin.

February 2015 Specials

Each month we offer our online subscribers special savings on some of our popular procedures. This month, Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm filler treatments, are offering a special Brilliant Distinctions Program REBATE for up to $250 off what is popularly called a liquid facelift treatment. Also, FREE Xeomin ($400 value) with any Ultherapy treatment and $50 off Intense Pulsed Llight (IPL) therapy..
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Brilliant Savings

Rebate Program

    $50                 $150              $250

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Ginny, a 60 year old patient, had four 1mL syringes of Juvederm gel and three areas of Botox Cosmetic injected for a more youthful, refreshed appearance.
Juvederm Coupon Juverderm XC Coupon
Botox Maryland
 Brilliant Distinctions members may choose one of the following rebates:
 $50 OFF Botox OR Juvederm OR Voluma
$150 OFF Botox AND Juvederm OR Voluma
$250 OFF Botox AND Juvederm AND Voluma
Do people ask if you are tired or sad when you're not? It could be your aging skin at fault, causing deep circles under your eyes and loss of volume to the cheeks and folds around the smile lines. There is a quick and easy solution that is gaining in popularity to help turn your frown upside down. Known as a Liquid facelift, we use   injectable dermal fillers like Juvederm and Voluma combined with a wrinkle reducing treatment like Botox Cosmetic, to take five to ten years off your appearance immediately and with little to no downtime.
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Receive Additional Savings with Allergan's Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program! Sign up today and earn points towards cash savings on Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm, Voluma and Latisse eyelash thickening kits. If you are already a member and have accrued value, print your voucher and bring it in at the time of your appointment for additional savings off!!
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Botox & Juvederm Specials

Wintertime is THE Perfect Time of Year

to Erase Brown Spots and Rosacea with 

Intense Pulsed Light Laser (IPL) Therapy

Liquid Facelift Specials
Laser technology has advanced greatly over the past several years and laser therapy is now used to treat everything from acne scarring and brown spots to broken capillaries and hair removal. Skin, the body's largest organ, reflects your internal health.  Creating a healthy glow to the skin, whether through laser treatments and a quality skin care regimen can help you subtly, subconsciously attract others and make you feel good about yourself.

February Special

Full Face IPL $400

Savings $50

Ultherapy Maryland
This month, the Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center is offering $50 off one Intense Pulsed Light photorejuvenation treatment to help erase unsightly brown sun spots and rosacea, also known as broken capillaries. 
Most patients require 3-4 IPL treatments several weeks apart for optimal results. Recovery time can vary from one to three days. With that in mind, some laser treatments are better to focus on in the winter when you have the availability to recover inside without the risk of dangerous sun exposure. Make your appointment today and your skin! 
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301-345-7375 to make an appointment in Greenbelt, MD today!
Ultherapy Specials
Ultherapy Treatment

FREE Xeomin (one area) With

All Ultherapy Treatments

$400 Value

Ultherapy Maryland
Allergan Botox & Juvederm Special
One area of Xeomin, a botulinum toxin similar to Botox Cosmetic to treat lines and wrinkles around the eyes, with the purchase of Ultherapy treatment while supplies last. Receive one area free, a $400 value, with any Ultherapy purchase!
Call 240-482-2555 for an appointment in Chevy Chase, and

301-345-7375 to make an appointment in Greenbelt, Maryland today!
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