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Introducing SkinCeuticals SkinScope LED

SkinScopeLED2Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center is pleased to introduce the SkinScope LED, a portable, full-face diagnostic tool, in our Chevy Chase, Maryland office. “I am excited to offer this state of the art technology to our patients so I can visibly show them their skin...

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Sunburn Calming Facial Masque

MDPhytoFacialMSIs your skin in need of some end of summer loving? Overexposure to the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays may have caused redness, blotchiness, dullness, tightness and dryness of your skin. SkinCueticals Phyto Corrective Masque is an intensive calming botanical masque for use at home or during a...
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Ultherapy In Washington DC

Have you ever… Scratch that, we know you’ve agonized over which family pictures to print and frame, which to post on Facebook based on the appearance of that unsightly extra skin, but never again. Say goodbye to the embarrassment when you say goodbye to those jowls and that sagging skin for good. Read more

Think About Liposuction: For Yourself, For Your Spouse, For Everyone!

“Hey honey… Have you ever thought about liposuction?” A question like that just might end up with a shoe, or a tape dispenser, or at the very least: a dirty look thrown your way. But the truth is, if meant with the best of intentions and perhaps phrased a little differently, the gift of tumescent liposuction...
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